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archive photos - february 1961 Submitted by D Jordan Berson

The future location of the Savoy building.

Confused as to where this photo was taken at the hotel? I am. I see the little bungalow sized employee houses in the background though, and some Pines style chairs in the foreground.

The world famous dining room. The people at the table are family of the photographer.

Based on the wood paneling behind these folks, it would seem this is also the old dining room. However, since I only went to the hotel in the 1980s and 1990s, the dining room had maroon carpeting on the walls in the dining room (and lobby, and everywhere else).

Notice the cigarette in the woman's hand. And the pants.

These guys are hanging out inside, some people in the background are watching the snow come down outside. Look at the intense shadows behind the subjects of this photo, because of the flash.

Hanging out by the indoor pool. This makes me wonder, when was the indoor pool built?

A rather humorous shot showing off the indoor pool in it's heyday. This is an important photo for two reasons: the waterjets that shot over the pool where not operated when I was a guest in the 1980s and 1990s. The jet closest to the background appears to be broken, and spraying incongruously. Next, because also when I was a guest, there was a 9 hole mini-golf course set up around the perimeter of the pool.

Everyone in their formalwear, hanging out in one of the lounges. Formalwear was standard luggage in the 1960s at the Pines. I'll bet you that EXIT sign stayed there until the hotel closed, as did the aluminum doors and door openers. One of the many funny things about the Pines is it's mix of old and new infrastructure.

A couple posing for a photo on a couch in one of the lounges. I love that guy's glasses.

This is my favorite photo from this group. These two are also my favorite couple from this group. Aside from the girl's manner of dress, which for 1961 is liberal (and still sexy) to say the least, the man's posture amuses me. Also, notice the ashtray on the coffee table. Inside the ashtray is a spent flashbulb, a relic of technologies long since replaced. The coffee table also looks pretty neat with its two-tier design.

Dinner is served. Notice the plates they are eating off of -- which contain paintings of a man and a woman with the graphics for the Pines printed in the center, and 24K gold leafing along the edges. I own one of these plates, but if I said it was in fair condition I'd be being generous.

Another shot of a typical dinner. Servings were beyond ample.

This shot was taken in the Persian room I believe. The formal dress suggests that they were 'going out' to the night club.

This shot is clearly taken in the same place as the last shot, although this shot makes it appear to be the Viceroy room. It's amazing how different both places look today.

Looking up the hill to the future location of the Camp House, where the water tower is.

Standing by the backstop of the baseball field. Notice there is no flybridge from the main building to the Persian room at this point!

Marching up the hill, probably to go sledding or something. The telephone poles on the left interest me greatly. Where they part of some old ski lift tow system?

The photogrpaher had better duck, because that lady in red is about to hurl a snowball.

From left to right, in the background, at the left most edge is the pool cabanas, the baseball backstop, the Dorchestor, and the Sheraton buildings. Notice there is no breezeway connecting the Dorchestor or Sheraton buildings.

I don't know precisely where this woman is standing but I believe the indoor pool is far behind her.

Standing in what seems to be the future location of the card deck area, near where the indoor pool is.
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