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Here we see The Pines. Literally, The Pines. It wasn't just a clever name, after all.

If you look at some of the archive photos of the hotel, you're bound to notice a strange circle right in front of the main lobby area, kind of close to the indoor pool. Why they decided this was an appropriate landscape, I will never know, but it will still attenuate the growth of plant life for years to come, leaving a long lasting impression on the earth in that spot.

This is another entrance to the hotel, but for some reason I never remember using it. This entrance is closer to the Marlboro and Carlton buildings. If you look behind the fence there is a little pink baby carriage. Pretty weird, if you ask me...

Looks like either the Carlton or Sheraton building to me, but I can't tell. Anyone sure?

Here is a shot looking down Laurel Ave that shows everything that Laurel Ave has to offer -- nothing.

This is the most recent shot of the exterior of the building that we have. If we visit any time in the future, we will be sure to peek in any rooms whose curtains have moved since this picture was taken!

This is a nice long shot of the front of the hotel. Look at the pine trees out front and compare them to those in the postcards and aerial shots. It's so sad to see that although The Pines is long dead, the real pines that gave their name to The Pines continue to live on, and probably will continue to for many years to come.

I wonder why they took down the plastic covering that went over the "P" on the roof by the elevator motor. Yes, they did take it down, I've been on the roof and I've personally looked for it. It's gone. And I can only wonder who took it.

These two signs have been there as long as I've visited the place.

That tiny little sign you see to the left of the left "PINES" sign says that the golf course is still open. Yes, in case you didn't already know, the Ehrlich family still owns the golf course and operates it! ON THE PROPERTY of The Pines Hotel. It's weird, since the golf course patrons have to pull through the old abandoned hotel in order to tee-off. Not exactly where I'd take a client for a few putts.

This is a photo of the Golf Course's entrance. As you can see, if this gate were open, it would be pretty inviting and would give us no reason to suspect we were not allowed in. In fact, this gate is opened quite a bit. So think about that.

A picture of the indoor pool before the vandals had worked their way in. Check the interior pictures to see what they did.

Looking down the outside of the long corridor connecting the Marlboro, Carlton, Sheraton, and Dorchester buildings.

The familiar entrance is slowly being taken over by weeds.

A photo of the Marlboro (?) building. I don't really know where this shot was taken from, to tell you the truth, so if you can upstage my immense knowledge here (kidding), please email me.

This just makes me want to get naked and jump right in. Forget about exploring the hotel, let's take a dip in the pool! I only went in the outdoor pool during one visit to The Pines, and I remembered I was scared to go off the high dive. In retrospect it doesn't seem that bad, although I probably should have been more concerned with the chlorine levels by the looks of it.

I would like to explore these little cabana rooms right here the next time I go, because honestly I've never seen them at all. I'll make a note on my "to do" list for next time.

Lounge chair rentals are now free.

A very overgrown staircase shows exactly how much plants can take over within just 4 short years.

This is where the security guard used to sit on the way in, he would tell you where to park your car while you unloaded. This sticker was placed there to try and scare you! Ok not really it's just there because once a year Dick Pillar and the Polkabration band would have a huge polka-fest at The Pines, even in 1997 after the hotel re-opened. Interestingly, they were booked for just weeks after the hotel closed. This giant Polkabration is now held at the Raleigh.

This shot and the next are of the Savoy (right) and Hampshire (left) buildings. Note that the floors are not directly aligned. I never understood why they did this, but alas, there are many things I will never know about this building no matter how much I would like to.

It's amazing to me how well the plants continue to do without any assistance at all (besides the lawn). I only wonder how long it will be before this building is destroyed or redeveloped somehow.

(Right) Savoy Building. (Ahead) A ramp leads over to the Regency building.

Here is a picture of the Hampshire building, in the foreground, and the Essex building in the background. I'm not 100% sure where this picture was taken from though, so it kind of perplexes me.
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