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Now, under the indoor pool, we see lots of garbage, and strange (presumably reinforced) cinder block supports holding up the massive weight of the pool and surrounding lounge chairs and mini-golf. Behind this room are all sorts of cool pool systems, including one room with a staircase that goes down a full 7 or 8 feet. Only problem is, the room is totally flooded. The room also has barrels floating around in it. Don't trick yourself into thinking the barrels are empty. Like many industrial buildings, The Pines has lots of dangerous chemicals still inside it. What's inside the barrels? Sodium Hypochlorite, a.k.a. "Hypo" to those in the pool industry, a.k.a. bleach to the normal person. Only thing is, this is anhydrous sodium hypochlorite -- you get this powder on your hands and it'll burn like hell and probably burn you permanently. Interesting to see the barrels float though. There are also barrels filled with muriatic acid in an adjacent hallway. I may just be a chemical nut, but for those not in the know, muriatic acid is a very strong acid generally used in brick cleaning and pool sanitizing. You might know muriatic acid by its actual chemical name, Hydrochloric Acid (HCl). Nasty stuff, makes me want to take a barrel home with me.
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