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Was the Jersey Shore cast on drugs in S02E12?

October 18th, 2010 · 7 Comments

In the episode of Jersey Shore that aired October 14, 2010 (S02E12), there was a rather bizarre chain of events surrounding the action packed “Sunday dinner”.

Was the Jersey Shore cast on drugs in S02E12? from on Vimeo.

First, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who easily is the most experienced chef in the house, throws a hot pan with hot grease under a cold water tap, leading to a smoke alarm event in the hotel. Upon arrival of the fire department, Pauly D first sees what appears to be a fire department supervisor wearing a polo shirt with a badge and he exclaims “busted!” Busted doing what, though? Let’s analyze this further.

During the dinner, Pauly D also engages the rest of the house with an unusually superficially-deep observation that “at one time, none of us knew any of us.” After the dinner, the cast is seen sprawling on the couch apparently doing nothing but talking and tripping out. A fight then ensues when Sammi fishes for a compliment from Ronnie, but is dissatisfied with his answer and paranoically assumes that he was making reference to an attraction to an ex-girlfriend.

While discussing the events with Snookie and Ronnie she is unable to correctly verbalize the quote which upset her, or the context in which it was uttered, and seems equally unable at flicking her cigarette. Later, she deeply and repeatedly sighs “wow” when she is momentarily overwhelmed. Ronnie also finds himself at a loss for words and in one shot, exhibits trisma (lockjaw). This perseveration is consistent with the use of ecstasy and other psychedelic drugs.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Jenni and Snooki attempt to calculate a “Hook Up Chart”. Jenni’s face and body language during this scene is unusually surly and her calculations are accompanied by hesitation as though she were drunk. However, none of the cast appeared to be drinking during this sequence, or during the events prior.

In fact, reviewing the relevant footage, the cast not only toasts with Kool-Aid, they subsequently are seen drinking Gatorade or other fruit punch out of plastic bottles. At no time is it expressed or implied that the cast is drinking alcohol. This leads me to believe that immediately prior to the dinner scene, the cast ingested ecstasy.

This is my approximation of “Jersey Shore on acid”. At this tempo, it really seems to me like the cast is tripping balls – not just because of the voice and time distortions but because of how mindless their banter is, including quotes like Ronnie saying, “I probably said ‘blue’ when I should’ve said ‘green’.”

Jersey Shore on acid from on Vimeo.

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  • 1 Wtf // Aug 4, 2011 at 7:36 am

    Is this a joke? Get real, even if they where doing drugs half the stuff your assuming is outrageous.

    [Editor’s reply: Welcome to, where people don’t get it.]

  • 2 Aram // Sep 8, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    It’s not just Ronnie. It’s all of them. LOOK AT J-WOW. IT’S BLATENTLY OBVIOUS that she does blow. And they all do ecstasy. Who wears glasses in a club? I’ve seen Pauly grind his teeth. Why the hell wouldn’t they party. Fuck man $20,000 an episode………….they get paid to get fucked up. How ironic.

  • 3 Howdurjerseydaygo // Sep 29, 2011 at 3:49 am

    They were on ketamine, dmt, 2-cb,coke, L, Molly, ice, steroids,and a little heroin all cooked up and shot iv, (heroin to slow it down a bit) they just use snooki daygo bro ho’s massive makeup and concealer collection to hide their track marks. Even if I was assuming it’s funny so go worship spray on tan Italians or wanna bes they should be called DAYGLOWS because of that orange skin.I’m Irish so fuck you day go juice box midget guideos. I don’t pump my fist in thenair justndaygo faces americas youth have a wondrous group of nonconsensual Daygo sex with kraut and English shite. I’m a cameraman hadda vent a bit!

  • 4 Lillie // Nov 23, 2011 at 10:38 am

    I get what u mean because I sometimes wonder if the cast have had drugs on some episodes but not on this one!! Come on guys…. Look at the facts!

    1)- For a start if they were doing E then they wouldn’t all be sat round a table eating??
    Who wants to eat a full dinner on E?

    2)- Also Pauly D says “Busted!” quite a lot. He said it because there wasnt an actual fire, just smoke from the cooking and when the fire department walked in it was a reaction of “Oh no, theres not a fire!”
    All of Pauly D’s reactions and sayings are like this.
    Also he says the thing about at one time none of them knew each other, he means before the show started. Deep conversation is possible you know when you arent on drugs. Especially with your closest friends. Have you ever met someone and got on so well and said to one another: “Before I met you..” or “I wish I had of met you sooner..” Thats what he means! He was making a point of saying: Once we didnt know each other and now we know each other inside out… he goes on to say: “We know how each other tick.”

    3)- Sammie was paranoid all the way through series 2. Ronnies ex is Asian and Sam did honestly think that he was perhaps thinking about his ex at that time and he told her she looked Asian….Ronnies comment: “I was meant to say Blue but I said Green…” or whatever he said along those lines, he meant he was thinking about something else but shouldnt of voiced his thought. In translation: “I was thinking of my Asian ex at the time I made the comment to Sam, which was meant to be about her.”- Hard to explain, but I know what I mean.

    4) Jenni appears uncomfortable at the Hook up chart because in this series she had a boyfriend. Cameras around, filming stuff you dont want your boyfriend to see, you are going to act like that.

    5)- Snooki is in bed before this part of the show. Ok, so she really dropped a tab of Acid or E and went to bed? No.

    6)- They toast with Cool aid or whatever because they all had a rough night the night before. I have never seen the cast drinking alcohol at Sunday dinner. They could be on a comedown from the night before, and still have a little E in their systems Yes, but theres no way that E has been taken anytime 8 hours prior to this scene….

    The reasons for that are above. Its Sunday, its chill out night, who takes E with no music and then sits down to eat and chill??? Acid isnt possible either because its difficult to even engage in a conversation when ur on Acid.
    When I was on drugs most weekends I would pick up on stuff like this too. I would go to a club and be like: Hes on drugs, look at how hes walking…!!!

    However, I DO believe that the Jersey Shore cast will have engaged in illegal drugs at some point in all the series…. Just not right now on this scene.
    10/10 for observation though, I will give u that….:-) x x x

    (This comment was not meant to offend or upset- Have fun)

  • 5 Shayna // Jan 23, 2013 at 1:20 am

    I think they do drugs, and you can’t say anything cause you don’t really know what “they meant” also they could be coming down, how do you know snooki was in bed? Maybe she was busting up a line for everyone, or popping e. Who knows, I think they all do coke, maybe earlier in the day of this episode cause we all know how long they party, also notice how Pauly D keeps shaking his leg? I know when I was on coke I couldn’t stop moving. And the part Pauly D says “I haven’t eaten all day” he’s probably coming down fom his high and getting his appetite backe. Also I noticed how his eyes looked when he was saying that they were just cooking dinner. His eyes are dyiladed. The way they are all acting seems like they are on some sort of drug.

  • 6 Bryan // Nov 30, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    you have no appetite when ur on E and ur body doesnt take food well evem if u do

  • 7 GoAway // Oct 11, 2020 at 5:14 am

    Lillie said it perfectly, in the comments back in 2011.

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