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PowerBall EV and Odds Calculator, or, Why PowerBall is a Ripoff

November 24th, 2012 · 3 Comments

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As a semi-professional gambler, I feel it’s my duty to explain to everyone why PowerBall jackpot hysteria is largely worth ignoring. A basic understanding of probability and expected value is essential to understand the content of this post, but I’ll try to keep it simple. The calculations in this post are […]

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The Punitive Palisades Mall Proprietor meets Peter

April 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment

What is The Palisades Center Mall?
The Palisades Center Mall is the archetypal mega-mall. With an ice rink, IMAX theatre, at least three Starbucks, and scores of retail stores, the Palisades Mall has it all. Judging by the Spartan industrial warehouse aesthetic, featuring exposed steel beams and wiring conduits, one might think it would […]

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David Banach, Eat Your Heart Out; Just Don’t Eat Pizza Hut

May 27th, 2005 · 32 Comments

Towards the end of January, carried an article about Pizza Hut and how ridiculously overpriced they were. I hadn’t been back since, until last night – though you may curious as to why I decided to return, first, I’d rather discuss the circumstances around another incident that happened in January.
David Banach, 38, lived […]

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The Pathetic Fallacy is My Normalcy

May 25th, 2005 · No Comments

English critic John Ruskin coined the term ‘pathetic fallacy’ to describe the way in which nature reflected the events in a piece of writing. For example, dark clouds are overbearing and bring bad fortune with them. Today was no exception to this rule.
Work was fine, although I apparently left my lights on in […]

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The RIAA and their Viscious Way

April 13th, 2005 · No Comments

So, yes, the RIAA and MPAA have sued a bunch of RPI students. As a courtesy to everyone at RPI, if you find yourself on this list (link goes to a tool to tell you if you are or not), it might be time to give Dean Smith or an attorney a call…
The IPs […]

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