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Dick Cheney on Iraq in His Own Words

August 10th, 2007 · No Comments

This is the first time I’ve ever seen eye-to-eye with Dick Cheney on any issue. Transcript follows below.

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Microsoft Live Advertisement Confuses Bill Mahers

June 25th, 2007 · No Comments

I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko the other night and it was decent and made some great points, I’d give it 7/10 stars, but with the way high schools are today, 70% is a 3.8 GPA. Maybe a Michael Moore film should be made about No Child Left Behind. It would be a crown […]

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What’s the buzz — tell me what’s a’happenin

September 12th, 2005 · No Comments

There is quite a bit going on ‘behind the scenes’ right now. First of all, if you haven’t already heard, SLAPM is almost ready. SLAPM is going to be the leader in Sub-profile technology, and will easily blow away IMChaos in terms of quality and reliability. Expect it to be public very, […]

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1st Step To Ban SUVs; Bush Fumbles Interview

July 2nd, 2004 · No Comments

In case you had been wondering why the so-called liberal news media had not been asking the Bush administration for concrete answers, there is finally a woman ballsy enough to do the job. As it turns out, the fightin’ Irish whipped out their beer muscles and slammed George W Bush with a hard hitting […]

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The case of the mysteriously decorated vehicle

June 21st, 2004 · No Comments

Tonight, Ally and I infiltrated the NVOT parking lot, the holding facility where hundreds of students cars were left overnight while they enjoyed a cruise around Manhattan for Project: Graduation. Our mission? To decorate her younger brother’s car in such a way as to generate both laughs and significant amounts of embarrasment. […]

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