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Check your IP Tool, Another Hack for Thefacebook

April 14th, 2005 · No Comments

Two really quick comments. First, I wrote a tool that automatically scans the list of “John Doe” IPs and tells you if you’re being sued in the I2Hub related lawsuits (Update 2006: now gone). The tool is updated as posts more.

Also, once again, I’ve managed to land an egg on the face of the creators of The Facebook (Update 2006: This also doesn’t work anymore, but now Facebook is open season). Here’s how it works — you can’t check profiles of people at schools other than your own, unless you’re already listed as being friends with a person from another school, in which case you can see their profile. Go view anyone’s profile on Thefacebook.

* Right click the their email address (which is actually now being displayed as an image, to thwart spam-bots).
* Copy the image location to the clipboard. It will look somewhat like this:
* Click “global” allowing you to search other schools. Select a school at random, and search for any name.
* When the person you’re looking for comes up, and you can’t see their profile, you can get their email address by copying the link to “Add to Friends” or “Send Message”, and merely pasting their “ID” number into the address you got earlier. Paste in their ID over the ID of a profile you were allowed to see, and voila, instant email address.

(note that this no longer works)

Note that to see their school and alternate email addresses, you merely have to change the “contact=” field between 0 (for their school address) and 1 (for their preferred email). Happy facebooking, you stalkers.

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