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What is Interrobang?

August 10th, 2004 · No Comments


So what exactly is Interrobang anyway‽

  • Interrobang is business casual in it’s demeanor
  • Interrobang is life; the rest is just details
  • Interrobang sells records.
  • Interrobang is sick mosh.
  • Interrobang is unknown to the online 20 questions game (which, by the way, is today’s link of the day)
  • Interrobang is here now and forever at the Winter Garden Theater

Really, the interrobang was a punctuation mark invented in 1962 as a way of combining the exclamation point and question mark. I learned of it the other night, and have since become fascinated with its history and use. So much so, in fact, that I intend to use it frequently. A quick query of the site revealed that a combination ‘?!’ character has been used in at least three articles since I started posting to the new site format. Consider this — it is technically gramatically incorrect to use such a combination of marks. There are conditions in which the English language requires the conveyance of both interrogation and exclamation. Examples include “Where the f-ck are my keys‽” or “What the hell is that green puss emanating from your cooter‽” Oh, and for you sick folks out there, a cooter is a turtle. I’ve heard stories, such as this one from Florida, about the uproarious events that transpired when a bunch of commie pinko liberals decided that cooter was a dirty word, and thus the annual cooter fest should not take place. This, my friends, is an example of the left wing equivalents of Orrin Hatch and Rick Santorum — it’s politics gone too far.

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