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Photos of Letchworth and an Open Letter to the Media

August 15th, 2005 · No Comments

First and foremost, I just put up some photos of my trip to Letchworth Village from the other day. Click the photo below or click here to see the photos of exploring Letchworth Village in Theills/Stony Point, NY.

Now, also, as some of you know, I am a semi-professional survey taker. My most recent survey was about restrictions on the media and whether or not I think there should be more or less restrictions. As you could imagine, I had alot to say. Here’s an excerpt of my comments from the conclusion of the survey.

“In this country, news media certainly enforces the status quo. How easily are we distracted? A news medium is a powerful instrument — more powerful than any military. The American Media should stand up and grow a pair of balls. It’s time to start asking some questions and holding our leaders accountable. No WMDs, Karl Rove, Halliburton, do the people that write and edit national news intentionally avoid these kind of stories? It is not dissent when one questions their leadership — it is the ultimate form of patriotism. TV media especially cares not about news but about advertisers. Do the right thing for once and do your jobs — get to the real stories. Natalee Halloway, the Runaway Bride, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, shark attacks, etc., are not news stories, they’re simply fillers when there are other, better things to talk about.”

Also, ironically, the more I write over the top answers like this, the more paid surveys they send me. It pays to have an opinion.

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